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Black Loyalists

One of the most fascinating tales concerning the American Revolution, and Loyalists in particular, is the role of African Americans.

Blacks were represented in all geographic areas of America and were a part of everyday life, whether as free people or slaves. Our site covers both the military and civilian aspects of the Black Loyalist experience.

There was but one Provincial regiment in which their service was permitted, that of course being the Black Pioneers. Sir William HOWE banned Black and Mulatto soldiers in any Provincial regiment under his command, ordering the discharge of any who had previously enlisted.

Sadly, we will never know how many men this affected, as their names have been lost to history. Undeterred, many Blacks found their way to freedom within the British lines and still managed to support themselves in a variety of useful functions.

Some found jobs within the various Civil Branches of the Army and Ordnance, while others acted as guides, spies, musicians and sailors. Still others found their way into the different Refugee and Associator corps, where they were able to bear arms alongside white Loyalists.

Throughout the site you will find reference to these Loyalists whose story is only now starting to be known and told. We hope to help you follow their experiences, their successes and their failures, through to the end of the war and beyond.

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Bullet  Proposed Corps, 1779

Bullet  Memorial of Ricketts, et al, n.d.

Bullet  Discharge of Lymus, Slave of Paul Hamilton, 1780

Bullet  Runaway Notice, 1780

Bullet  Dalling's Plan to Attack Nicaragua, 1780

Bullet  Dalling's Plan to Settle Nicaragua, 1780

Bullet  Furnishing Slaves for Fort Cornwallis, 1781

Bullet  Fort Cornwallis Prisoners, n.d.

Bullet  Certification that Thomas Williams & Family are Free Negroes, 1781

Bullet  The Pilot, Trap, 1781

Bullet  Documents Re David George, a Free Negro, 1779, 1780, 1781

Bullet  Certification that Ned & Family are Free Negroes, 1779 & 1782

Bullet  Documents Re the Michael Thomas Family, 1780 & 1782

Bullet  Beheading of Harry, 1782

Bullet  Permission for John Williams to go to Nova Scotia, 1783

Bullet  Decision on the Claim of Samuel Burke of South Carolina, 1783

Bullet  Memorial of William Hanscomb of South Carolina, 1783

Bullet  Memorial of March Kingston of South Carolina, 1784

Bullet  Petition of Scipio Handley of South Carolina, 1784

Bullet  Petition of Thomas Johnson of South Carolina, 1786

Bullet  Liberty for James, Rose's Child, n.d.

Bullet  Petition of Peter Anderson of Virginia, n.d.

Bullet  Losses of James Franklin of Virginia(?), n.d.

Bullet  Memorial of Benjamin Whitecuff of New York, n.d.

Bullet  Simon Munro's Negroes Killed & Taken, n.d.

Bullet  Nomination of Thomas Peters as Attorney, n.d.

Bullet  Petition of Shadrack Furman/Firman/Ferman of Virginia, 1787

Bullet  Petition of Thomas Peters for Land, 1790

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Moving on: Black Loyalists in the Afro-Atlantic World
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