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Spies & Intelligence
Robinson's Report

Novr 29th 1779

David BABCOCK & Thos WARD, being sent out for Intellegence returned last night & say They went as far as Saddle River but the Snow coming on prevented their going farther.

Lord Stirling has resigned or retired from the Service, and Genl Woodford commands his Division, his head Quarters is at Smiths White house, and his men lay from Stoney Point along Harverstraw Mountain up to DiNozells forge, & are building Hutts- they are also at work on Stony Point-

Part of Sullivans Division had Marched down the Country, the others had gone up into the Clove, and it was said they were to go to West Point, they could not learn certainly Where Sullivan himself was gone but by ye best Information they could get he was to go to West Point.

Washington had been down Viewing the Troops of every Division about Eight days ago, they were told he went as far as Elizth Town & then Returned back to West Point; Wayne lays at Acquacnock, his men continually patroling towards the North River, and take every thing from the Inhabitants, they had been down as low as Weyhock & Striped the people there, their Army very badly off for Cloathing & Scarce of proviss. particularly bread, they go in partys to ye farmers houses and stay as long as they have anything to Eat, then go off giving the farmer a Certificate, & so to some other. The Soldiers complain very much on Accot of their Cloaths & provisions.

A party of 3 months men lay at Tappan Sloat, as a guard to prevent peoples going out or coming in, they had 250 Continental money & twenty hard dollars bounty to serve 3 months & Soldiers pay besides while they do Serve.

They were told by a man who saw Genl Lyneons A D Camp in his way to Washington, & heard him say they had Lost 1500 men at Georgia & the french as many, & That one of their Genls was Killed. That the french had behaved very ill to them, and done more mischief to the Inhabitants than the English Troops had ever done where they had been, they had pressed a good many of the Inhabitants & carried them on board Ships.

[from Beverly ROBINSON]

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 77, item 42.

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