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Spies & Intelligence
Robinson's Report

Novr. 15 1779

David BABCOCK & Thos WARD who was sent out last Fryday, Returned Early this Morning Monday Novr 15th 1779 and say

That they went as far up as Ackers & Conklins in Cackiate where they learned that Sterlings Division, Consisting of 1200 men lay from Parhamus up to Sufference & some of them a Little way up the Clove, where they were repairing some old Barracks that was built 3 years ago, his men from Parhamus upwards Lay in Tents & Tempory huts made with Rails, Covered with Straw & Leaves, he has some horse & 3 or 4 field ps.

Sullivan has about 800 men & Lays from Cakiate along under the Mountains to Stony Point, his men all very bare of Cloths, particularly Shoes, they have a few ps Cannon at Stony Point but have done very Little to ye works.

Washington still at ye Redhouse, about 3000 at & about West Point great many men at work in that Quar. cuting Timbers, and they are Continually working on their fortifycations, and they heard thay were building boats at New Windsor, but could not Learn what number.

Sterling & Sullivans Troops very Sickly, many Sick Officers & men Quartered at ye farmers houses.

Wayne, had moved from New Bridge, to Acquaknonk and Lay from thence on ye West Side of Second River towards Newark, he has 1500 men, some horse, two Grasshoppers & 3 four pounders neither Huts nor Tents Except a few Officers Marques.

The Militia have been drafted in ye upper parts of Orange & in Ulster County & sent over to ye East side of the River & it was said they were to March to ye Wht Plains.

They heard of fort Stanwix being taken, but very Litle said about it.

With Wayne 1500
         Sterling 1200
         Sullivan   800
         West Point 3000

[from Beverly ROBINSON]

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 75, item 40.

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