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Royal Highland Emigrants
McDonald to Clinton

Halifax 26th January 1780


When Capt. McKINNON went from hence to Newyork with the Light Company I did myself the Honor of writing to your Excellency representing the state and dispersed Situation of this Battalion which Still remains in the very same Condition

but the Reason of my writing now is to inform that the bearer Lieut. Neil CAMPBELL of the 74th Regimt. wants to purchase Capt. Dun: McNICHOLL’s Compy. of this Battn. who is married to Lieut. CAMPBELL’s Sister and who from many good Reasons and infirmities wishes to dispose of his Compy. to this Gentleman provided your Excellency should have no objection and his giving me an unlimited power to settle and fix with Mr. CAMPBELL for the price of it which I have done and agreed with him for Ł 2000 Sterling.

No Gentleman in the Regt. being able or willing to purchase it therefore have declined it.

I have nothing further to trouble your Excellency only beg leave to inform that I have been a Voluntier at the Siege of Bergenobdensoome in the year 1747 Lieut. upon every Active service the last War both in America and the West Indies, a Capt. Lieut. in the Year 1762 a full Captain in 1772 as appears by the List of the Army and of Course believe that I am now the Oldest Captain in the British Army.

That I never was reprimanded in the Execution of my duty by any Superior Officer nor do I believe there are any in the world can broach my Character with ungentleman Behaviour.

Whatever other righten title I may have to look upon myself as a Gentleman Your Excellency may be informed by Major SMALL.

Lastly I have by this unnatural War lost all my property in America and since I came to this Province has lost a Worthy good Wife and left with five Weak Children.

All which Considerations are most Humbly submitted to your Excellency How far I have a right to Expect Promotion.

I have the Honor to be with due Respect
Your Excellency’s
Most Obedient and humble servant

[Sir Henry CLINTON]

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 83, item 28.

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