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Royal Highland Emigrants
Orders to Raise a Corps


By His Excellency The Honorable Thomas GAGE General and Commander in Chief of all His Majesty’s Forces in North America.

To Lieutenant Colonel Allan MACLEAN

You are hereby empowered with the Officers under your command by Beat of Drum or otherwise to inlist for His Majesty’s Service, in any of His Provinces of North America, such Highlanders or such other Loyal Subjects, as you may be able to procure, to be formed into a Corps of two Battalions, to be paid as His Majesty'’ other Regiments of Foot, and to receive Fifty Shillings Bounty;

they are to consist of Ten Companys each, which companies are to be composed of One Field Officer or Captain, two Subalterns, three Serjeants, three Corporals, two Drums, and Fifty private men:

The whole number of Officers to consist of One Colonel in Chief, one Lieutenant Colonel Commandant, two Majors, one of the two Majors to be Major Commandant, Seventeen Captains, two Captain Lieutenants, Twenty Lieutenants, Eighteen Ensigns, two Adjutants, two Quarter Masters, two Surgeons, two Surgeons Mates, and one Chaplain.

The whole Corps to be cloathed Armed and accoutred in like manner with His Majesty’s Royal Highland Regiment and are to be called the Royal Highland Emigrants.

You are to rendezvous on Lake Champlain, or bring them to this place, as you shall find most practicable; but should they be formed in Canada, you will act under the Command of General CARLETON until further orders.

Given under my hand at Head Quarters, Boston 12th June 1775.

(Signed)  Thomas GAGE
A true Copy

By His Excellency’s Command
     (Signed)  Saml. KEMBLE

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Whitehall September 15th 1778

The foregoing is an exact and true Copy of the Original order for levying the Highland Regiment of two Distinct Battalions, whereof the Honorable Lieut. General GAGE is Colonel in Chief, Lieut. Colonel Allan MACLEAN Commandant of the first Battalion, and Major John SMALL Commandant of the Second.

(Signed)  John SMALL Majr. Commandant

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Whitehall 27th March 1779

I have compared the foregoing Copy of the order for raising a Corps of Royl. Highland Emigrants with the Original order from Lieut. General GAGE in the possession of Lord AMHERST and find it to be a true Copy.

(Signed) Leod. MORSE

Great Britain, British Library, Additional Manuscripts, No. 21,833, folios 1–2.

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