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New Jersey Volunteers
Prisoners' Letter to Congress

October 1777

May it Please the Honourable Congress


We pray leave to aldress you as Prisoners of War being taken by your troops in February last and after being confined in the Gaol of Philadelphia for several months we were sent to the Gaol of York and afterwards to the Gaol of Carlisle where we are now kept in Close Confinement,

We Crave leave to Observe to your Honours that this Prison is perhaps the worst on the continent being rather a ruin than a Gaol- where every part of it distributes air as thro' the holes of a Collender affecting the body with strange sensations and destroying of our healths and while at the same time we have no glasses to the windows seven of us are obliged to sleep in one room without anything but most of us each one Blankett.

As your Honors are well acquainted that Humanity is the Characteristic of a civilized People and are also well acquainted with the Law of Nations and the Rules of War. we have presumed to lay our Case before your Honours not doubting but we shall be relieved in the Premises.

We are with Due respect for your Honours,

Your Honors most Humbl. Servts

Richard W. STOCKTON Major
6 Bt N.J.V.
Asher DUNHAM Capt.
Chas. HARRISON Capt.
Robert MORRIS Capt.
Francis FRAZER Lieut.
John MONRO Lieut.
Robert JAMES Lieut.
John COMBS Lieut.

Papers of the Continental Congress, M247, r100, i78, v18, p117.

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