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Loyal Refugee Volunteers
Engineer's Report

State of the Refugee Post, upon Bergen Point, 19th November 1780

This Post, is at Present, in a very Defenceless Condition, having only a Stockade, from Seven to Nine feet high, surrounding a small Boarded House; at the distance of about 35 feet from it- and a Redout of 30 feet Square, at nearly 50 Yards on the left of the Stockade.

The Stockade, is without Loopholes, or a Banquette; which, renders it intirely destitute of giving any Annoyance to an Enemy.-

The Redout, is very indifferently Built, and the Parapet not Proof against Cannon Shot.

A Line of Picquets, is planting, in front of these Works; which is to be continued down to the Water, both on the right and left.

It is to be Observed, that an Enemy can approach with Cannon, to several Commanding Spots, within the distance of Three or Four hundred Yards.-

Consequently, this Post, in its Present State, cannot be considered Tenable.

The number of Refugees, now at this Place (according to the best Information) Amount to near 300 Men.

Sub Engr. & Lieut.

Captain MERCER,
Commanding Engineer

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Frederick Mackenzie Papers.

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