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Loyal Refugee Volunteers
Recruiting Notice

To the loyal REFUGEES of the Province of

ABRAHAM CUYLER, Esq: is authorised by the Commander in Chief to embody a battalion of 600 loyal Refugee Volunteers, on such terms as he doubts not will be agreeable to them:

He hopes there needs no arguments to induce them to join this loyal band, to be commanded by their own countrymen, fellow-sufferers; and flatters himself they are desirous to be instrumental towards reducing the present unnatural rebellion, to re-establish the former happy constitution, and thereby restore peace and happiness to their country.

Those loyal Refugees of the Province of New-York, who are inclined to take arms, are requested to meet at La Montaign’s, now Amory’s House, on Friday next at four o’clock in the afternoon, and on Saturday, the day following, at Beat’s Tavern, Jamaica, Long-Island.

New-York, November 2. [1779]

Royal American Gazette, (New York), November 4th, 1779.

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