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Loyal Refugee Volunteers
Orders from Cuyler to Ward

Capt. WARD


You are hereby Ordered & directed to take with you one Subaltern Officer & 30 Privates of the Refugeé Volunteers, and proceed from hence in the most Private manner to Cloester, and make your endeavor to Sieze Kill or Apprehend the Rebel Guards in that or any other part of the Country you may March through also every other disaffected person that is known to be Aiding or Assisting the Rebellion,

you are to be cautious in your March always to have two men in front of the march at least 200 yards before the main body & one man on each Flank in line with the [illegible] at the Distance of 50 Yards—

You are not on any Pretence whatever Hurt or injure any of the well disposed loyal Inhabitants & at all times keep up a regular Orderly line of march & don’t Suffer any of the Volunteers under your Command to Strole.

You are to take care on your return or retreat to leave about 10 Men Conducted by a prudent Person to bring up your rear at the Distance of about 200 Yards;

every other matter must be left to your prudent Direction;

such Rebel Property as may be made Prize off [sic] is to be divided in Proportion of the whole of the Refugees at the Post.

That is to say those that remain in the Post to have half Shares of those that go on Service—

This Order to be Publickly read at the Parade this Eveng. hereof fail not, given under my hand the 7 June 1780—

A C CUYLER, Command. the
Refugees at the Post

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 104, item 29.

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