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Loyal Refugee Volunteers
Address to Col. Cuyler

New-York January 29, 1781

The following Address was presented to Col. CUYLER, previous to his departure for England, by the officers of the Loyal Refugee Volunteers established (under his auspicies) at Smith’s Town, Long-Island.


The Loyal Refugee Volunteers, established at Smith’s Town, beg leave to signify their approbation of your conduct in the support of his Majesty’s government in every stage of Rebellion; your firmness and uniform deportment in the hour of trial, has caused many to follow your exemple, and merits applause.

With gratitude they return you thanks for the kind attention and patronage you have at all times shewn the Loyalists; and with concern they regret your departure at this time, though they flatter themselves with your speedy return to recognize them.

As you are personally acquainted with their sentiments, they doubt not but you will give assurance of their loyal attachment to his Majesty and Government, and of their readiness to give every assistance towards the suppression of Rebellion.

They wish you a safe passage and speedy return, and with every mark of esteem, have the honor to be, in behalf of the body,

Sir, Your most obedient humble servants

P. A. ALSTYN Maj. Com.
P. LUKE Captains
M. PENDERGRASS Lieutenants
P. DURLAND Qr. Master

Col. CUYLER’s Answer to the foregoing Address.


It gives me much pleasure and satisfaction that my conduct in opposition to Rebellion has merited your approbation, and that my endeavours to alleviate your disagreeable situation has contributed towards your relief;

be assured I have considered your situation as my own:---

It will be pleasing to me to give assurance of your loyalty, which is well known to me, and hope not doubted by any;

I shall be happy at any time to recognize you, and contribute my assistance towards the suppression of Rebellion:

I wish you prosperity, and have the honor to be, with much esteem,

Gentlemen, your obedient humble servant,


To the Loyal Refugee Volunteers,
established at Smith’s Town.

The New York Gazette & the Weekly Mercury, Monday, January 29th, 1781.

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