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King's Orange Rangers
Bayard's Memorial

To Brigadier General Francis McLEAN
Commanding His Majestys Forces in Nova
Scotia &c. &c. &c.

The Memorial of Lieutenant Colonel Commandant John BAYARD, of the Kings Orange Rangers.

Humbly Sheweth,

That, in the Year one Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy six, your Memorialist was appointed by His Excellency, Sir William HOWE, Commander in Chief, To Command the Battalion of Kings Orange Rangers forthwith to be raised.

That, your Memorialist, with the interest of his Father and Friends, raised two Hundred Men in the space of four Months, and that said Regiment was ordered immediately on Service, and that said Regiment lost a great number of Men by the Small Pox, and other disorders in Camp, at Kings Bridge, as appears by the Hospital returns &ca.

That, the Battalion lost a great many Men by Desertion, when ordered from the Province of New York, and from these circumstances the Regiment was very weak when they arrived at this Province.

That, as soon as your Memorialist knew his Majestys Letter, of the 25th December 1778, Promising establishment to such Provincial Corps as should be completed to five Hundred and Seventy Effective men. Your Memorialist, with the Captains of the Corps subscribed largely for a Recruiting fund, to Complete the Regiment agreeable to His Majestys Instructions.

That your Memorialist in July 1779, obtained leave from the Commanding Officer at Halifax to send Officers, and Parties a Recruiting, which He did, and before January 1780, they inlisted and passed, one Hundred and thirty five Men, seventy two of which have joined.

That, the Battalion of Kings Orange Rangers are now three hundred and forty Men, for which your Memorialist has Attestations and Certificates.

That, your Memorialist with the consent of the Captains present, sent to England for a great number of appointments for both Officers and Men, and which are now on hands.

That, your Memorialist, with the deepest concern (ignorant of the cause) sees the Battalion raised by the interest of his Family taken from him; also his Commission in the 60th Regiment, which totally prevented him of any Rank in the British army, and at once deprives him of the profession.

That, your Memorialist humbly conceives His Excellency Sir Henry CLINTON can not be acquainted with the above circumstances; therefore Prays you, Sir, will be pleased to suspend the completion of the Junction between the Royal Fencible Americans, and the Kings Orange Rangers, until His Excellency the Commander in Chiefs final determination is Known on the above heads, and in what manner your Memorialist, and the Officers of the Kings Orange Rangers, are to be exonorated from the Load of debt accrued by Recruiting &c.

Your Memorialist further Prays, you will be pleased to transmit this Memorial to His Excellency, the Commander in Chief for his information.

And your Memorialist will, as in duty Pray

Lt. Colonel Commandt.
Kings Orange Rangers


University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 221, item 14.

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