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King's Orange Rangers
Parole for Prisoner Exchange

I Charles Cushing Esqr. Brigadier General of Militia and High Sheriff of the County of Lincoln hereby acknowledge to have been Made Prisoner of War by Captain JONES of the Kings Rangers

and being permitted by Lt. Colonel Commandant John CAMPBELL of the 74th Regiment and Commanding Officer at Fort George Penobscot to return to my Dwelling house on Parole and Liberty to go to Boston or any other part of the State of Massachusetts Bay in order to Effectuate an Exchange of Nathaniel GARDINER Master of the Golden Pippin Schooner, Sergeant Duncan MacGRIGOR and Robert WATT private of the 74th Regiment, and James MAISHEAD private of the Royal Artillery, for persons of their Rank

and to procure an exchange of Major De WINT of Lt. Colonel BAYARDs Regiment for myself which if not executed I do hereby promise and engage on my most Sacred Word of Honor to deliver myself up a prisoner to said Colonel CAMPBELL or officer Commanding at Fort George within the Space of Forty days from the Date hereof Major De WINT being allowed the same time

and I also promise on my sacred Honor not to Say, do or cause to be said or done, anything to the prejudice of Great Britain or give any intelligence to the Enemies thereof, but in all things behave myself agreeable to this Obligation. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand this Thirty First day of August 1780.

Chas. Cushing


Baxter, James Phinney, Editor. Documentary History of the State of Maine, Volume XVIII. Collections of the Maine Historical Society. Published for the Society. Portland, 1914, 384.

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