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DeLancey's Brigade
Escaped Prisoner

LAST sabboth night escaped from Charles Granger, of Suffield in the state of Connecticut, one Stephen PANGMAN, a prisoner of war taken at Long-Island in May last;

he lately belonged to Stamford, and went away from there to Long Island above six months ago, is about twenty one years old, short of stature, dark hair, his right hand contracted and finger crooked, by a burn he received when a child;

had on a dark brown coat with white buttons, white woolen vest and breeches, and thread stockings, he stole from said Granger and carried away with him a gun and bayonet, a pair of white stockings, and twenty four shillings in bills, it is apprehended that he is gone towards New-York, and that he intends to pass for one of our militia on the road.

Whoever will take him up and secure him in any goal in this state, and give notice to the subscriber, shall have five Dollars Reward and necessary charges paid, by

EZEKIAL WILLIAMS, Commis. Prisoners.

Hartford, Aug. 11, 1777.

[Stephen PANGBURN was a private in the 3rd Battalion, DeLancey's Brigade. He was taken prisoner at Sag Harbor on 24 May 1777.]

The Connecticut Courant and Weekly Intelligencer, (Hartford), Monday, August 18th, 1777.

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