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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Joseph Durfee of Rhode Island

To the Honorable the Commissioners of American
Claims now sitting at Halifax

The Memorial of Joseph DURFEE formerly of Newport in His Majesty's late Colony of Rhode Island

Humbly sheweth

That in the annexed Estimate is specified the value of his Real Estate which hath been forfeited at Rhode Island by Order of the Court there for his Attachment to Government together with the Loss of other Property sustained by him in Consequence of his Opposition to the late Rebellion.

Your Memorialist begs leave to suggest that upon an Association being formed by the Loyalists at Rhode Island for the Defence of the Garrison Major General PIGOT was pleased to appoint him a Captain in that Corps in which he did Duty until October 1779 when he accompanied the Kings Troops from that Place to New York where he remained at a great Expence until December following;

That from the Representation made to Sir Henry CLINTON of your Memorialist having a Knowledge of the Southern Coast of America he was requested by His Excellency to embark with him in His Majesty's Ship Romulur and upon his Arrival he had the Satisfaction of having his Conduct particularly approved and himself thanked by Sir Henry.

From his knowing the Channel leading to Charles Town he was desired by Admiral ARBUTHNOT to assist in fixing the Buoys which Service he performed and afterwards was requested to pilot the Richmond Frigate appointed to lead the Squadron to the attack of Charles Town which he was so fortunate as to accomplish and anchored them in safety in Five Fathom Hole so called.

Soon after he proceeded with the whole Fleet past Fort Moutrie on Sullivan's Island thro' a heavy and incessant Fire from that Fort and continued to assist in the Siege of Charles Town until the Reduction of that Place after which he returned with Sir Henry CLINTON to New York and received to defray his Expences Fifty Guineas.

These Facts he presumes to mention as a Proof of his Disposition to render Government every Service in his Power during the War and now begs leave to submit them together with his Claim for the actual Loss of Property to your impartial Decision. And as in Duty bound will ever Pray


Halifax December 16, 1785

I beg leave to refer for further Information respecting my Estate at Rhode Island to Doctr. HALLEBEEDEN, James CLARKE Esqr. & Mr. John HOWE all from Rhode Island.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 59, folios 84-85.

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