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General Court Martial of Daniel Strang

At a General Court Martial held by Order of Major General Heath, Peeks–kills 4th Jany. 1777.

Col. Henry B LIVINGSTON President
Lt.Col. TUPPER M     Capt. SACKETT
Lt. Col. MILLEN E     Capt. HIDE
Capt. BALL B     Capt. ALLEN
Capt. COGSWELL E     Capt. PRIOR
Capt. DARBY R     Capt. BENSON
Capt. SPEAKMAN Judge Advocate

The Court being met & duly sworn, according to the appointment, proceded to the Tryall of Danl. STRANG Charg’d by the Judge Advocate with being a Spy and attempting to enlist men for the British Army.

The Prisoner being before the Court pleads not guilty as to the first part, but guilty of the last Viz. attempting to raise recruits for the British Service.

Increase JACKSON being duly sworn saith.

        Q.  Do you know any thing of the Prisoner?

        A.  No, but I met with him as I was coming out of the Lines, & he told me he was going to raise Recruits, & that he had a Paper which he designed to conceal, which paper was Recruiting Orders he had from Col. ROGERS.

        Q.  What did you think was the Reason he had for saying he designed to conceal his Enlisting Orders?

        A.  Least he should be taken with them about him.

        Q.  Did he see the Paper?

        A.  No.

        Q.  What introduced the Conversation between you & the Prisoner, about the Orders he had of Enlisting?

        A.  His Endeavouring to conceal them.

Uriah HALL being Sworn.

        Q.  What do you know about the Prisoner?

        A.  I did not know the Man but as we were walking, he signify’d he had Enlisting Orders & stopt to conceal them.

        Q.  Did the Prisoner know at the time of his concealing the paper that you was Enlisted into the Service?

        A.  He did not but in Cross examining says the Prisoner ask’d him what provision & bread they drew.

        Q.  Did you stop at any House in your way?

        A.  Yes at one ODELS.

        Q.  Had you any leave to come from your Company?

        A.  No, but I told my Officers & ye Soldiers that I was going to get fresh Provisions.

Examination of the Prisoner.

        Q.  Have you any Evidence to bring in your favor?

        A.  No.

        Q.  Have you any thing to say in your own defence?

        A.  No.

        Q.  Was you asked any Questions about the Situation of our Army when you first went to ROGERS?

        A.  I was asked by Col. ROGERS whether the Troops were marching down & whether the Militia were to be raised, I told him they were but was oblig’d to give the Information.

        Q.  Did not you give all the Information you could?

        A.  I knew but very little but told all I knew.

        Q.  Did not you intend when you came out to return again to the Enemy?

        A.  I suppose I should.

        Q.  Did not you intend to make discoveries and give Information of our Situation to the Enemy?

        A.  I should have been oblig’d to.

The Court adjourn’d to tomorrow morning 9 O’Clock.

Jany. 5th

The Court met according to Adjournment. Recruiting Orders & Enlisting papers which were found on the Prisoner signed by Col. ROGERS were produced to the Court by the Judge Advocate.

Half past Eleven O'Clock AM the Court Adjourned for half an Hour. 12 O’Clock the Court met according to Adjournment & Considering the Evidence are of Opinion the Prisoner is guilty of a breach of the Nineteenth Article of the Thirteenth Section of ye Rules & Regulations of the Army; & of the Resolution printed at the End of the Articles of War dated 21st August 1776. The Court are of Opinion the Prisoner Daniel STRANG, be hanged by the Neck until he be Dead Dead Dead.

                                       Henry B Livingston Prest.


Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 4, Reel 39, 4 December 1776 — 3 February 1777.

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