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4th Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers
Major Robert Timpany’s Company

4th Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers, Major Robert Timpany's Coy., 1999

Hello, and welcome to Major Robert TIMPANY's Company of the 4th Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers.

Our group was founded in 1991 to take part in reenactments of the American Revolution and additional local civic events. Please refer to our schedule below to see what our future events are.

We are full members of the Brigade of the American Revolution and maintain their strict goals of authenticity. The uniform, seen above, represents the regiment as it appeared in 1777, with the distinctive green faced white regimental coat.

The original regiment was raised in November of 1776 by Lieutenant Colonel Abraham VAN BUSKIRK of Teaneck, New Jersey. It was one of six battalions of New Jersey Volunteers being raised in the province at that time, all under the command of Brigadier General Cortland SKINNER.

Major TIMPANY was a schoolmaster in Hackensack, NJ when the war broke out. He served actively with the NJV for less than two years before being retired upon half-pay in April of 1778. Major TIMPANY would continue to serve in various other roles throughout the war, most conspicuously as second in command of the South Carolina Militia under the famous Patrick FERGUSON.

The battalion served in many raids of New Jersey from their camp on Staten Island, Paulus Hook and other locations as well as taking part in the major battles of Connecticut Farms, Springfield and Fort Griswold. Detachments of the unit also served at the Siege of Charlestown, King's Mountain and Eutaw Springs, South Carolina. The battalion was renumbered third in the re-organization of 1781.

With the end of the war and the British loss of America, the New Jersey Volunteers were disbanded on October 10th 1783 along the River Saint John, in modern New Brunswick, Canada. To read more about the original regiment, please click here.

Thank you for visiting us. We welcome inquiries about membership or perhaps how the group can take part in your future event. Please contact us at the address below. Also check out our photos in the gallery by clicking here!

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Group Name: 4th Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers
Major Robert Timpany's Company
Contact Person: Richard Stoll, Jr.
Address: 338 Stanton St.
Greensburg, PA 15601-4037
E-mail Address: iluvboxers@stargate.net
Group Location: Ohio & Pennsylvania

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