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The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies

DeLancey's Brigade, 2nd Battalion, Inc.
A Recreated Loyalist Regiment of the American Revolution

2nd Battalion, DeLancey's Brigade

RP On September 5th 1776, Oliver DeLANCEY, a leading citizen and statesman of New York, who had commanded Provincial Troops during the French and Indian War was "...authorized to raise a Brigade of Provincials solely for the Defense of this (Long) Island, to re-establish Order and Government within the same..."

Three battalions of DeLancey's Brigade were raised and equipped in the service of the Crown. The original Brigade consisted of 1,500 Loyalist volunteers from New York City, Long Island, Westchester County and Connecticut. A total of 2400 men served in DeLancey's Brigade during the eight years of hostilities.

The Brigade's initial duties included guarding supply, wagons and foraging parties as well as acting as a police force. They participated in numerous raids and skirmishes on Long Island, the coast of Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. In 1781, the first two battalions served in the Southern Campaigns under Lord CORNWALLIS distinguishing themselves in the successful defense of Fort Ninety-six in South Carolina.

At the war's end in 1783, the majority of the men and families of DeLancey's were resettled in Nova Scotia, Canada, with one ship sinking within sight of their new homes. Those remaining in New York, in the hope of reclaiming their confiscated lands under the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles, were subjected to harassment by the victorious Americans.

The uniform of DeLancey's for the years 1776-78 was a green wool regimental coat with white facings. In 1779-82 the coats were changed to brick red wool with green facings. In 1783 the facings were again changed this time to Royal blue.

All coats had buttons arranged singularly or by twos or threes according to the battalion. Completing the uniform were white smallclothes (woolen breeches, waistcoat, a linen shirt or in lieu of breeches, wool or linen trousers) and a black cocked hat edged in white tape.

Musicians were dressed opposite of the regular rank, with facing and coat colours reversed to differentiate them from the line troops. For example; 1776-1778 musicians wore a white coat with green facings, wings and white lace chevrons with green woolen small clothes.

The present DeLancey's Brigade, Second Battalion, Inc., was reactivated in August 1974, by individuals interested in authentically portraying one of the Provincial units of the War of the American Rebellion. These men and their families create a living history of the common Loyalist soldier of that period.

DeLancey's is a full member unit of both the Brigade of the American Revolution and the British Brigade. The primary interpretive focus of DeLancey's Brigade, Colonel Brewerton's Company is the early war years of 1776-1778.

DeLancey's is presently accepting members who wish to be a part of a unique opportunity for studying American History through interpretive living history. Those wishing to join and depict a Colonist, civilian, soldier or musicians, who remained loyal to the King, are invited to inquire at the addresses listed below.

To read more about the history of the original DeLancey's Brigade, please click here. For further information about demonstrations, lectures or membership, please contact us at the address below.

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Group Name: 2nd Battalion, DeLancey's Brigade
Colonel Brewerton’s Company
Address: 50 Bolt Lane
Milford, CT 06460-2001
(203) 877-3599
Contact Person: Richard D. Jenkins
President, Commanding
Jack L. Frost
Vice President, Sgt. Maj.

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