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Loyal Refugee Volunteers
Rebel Orders to Attack Fort Slongo


Norwalk Septr. 25th 1781

Dear Sir,

The object of the intended expedition (in which you will command) is the reduction of the refugee Post on Long Island called Fort Slongo.

I should recommend to you to land your Troops at least two miles to the East or westward of the Fort, to avoid any Guards which may be advanced on the bank next to the sound.

The Guides will point out the most proper place for this purpose, when you advance near the Fort, if you should find the Garrison alarmed, & under arms, I cannot advise you to attempt a storm, as the strength of the work seem not to warrant the risque.

In this case it may not be amiss to endeavour to draw out the Troops by some proper Maneuvre.

If you find the Garrison pretty much off their guard, from the draught of the works herewith given you, I should suppose you had better make two attacks at the same time.

The one, directly against the sally Port or Gate, & the other against the hutts within the Abattis.

If you succeed in the former, you will effectually cut of[f] the Garrison from entering the Fort, and by the latter measure they will be prevented from escaping.

However if from a more accurate survey & enquiry, you should judge any other mode of attack more likely to ensure success, you will be at liberty to adopt it.

You must by all means endeavour to accomplish your business so as to be ready to reembark your Troops on or before day break, to avoid being cutt off in the sound by any of the Enemies armed boats or Guard Ships.

Wishing you success
I am Dear Sir
Your most Obedt. Servt.
Benjn. Talmadge
Major 2nd Lt. Dragoons

Major Trescott

Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 4, Reel 81, 13 September 1781 4 November 1781.

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