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Loyal Refugee Volunteers
Attack on Refugees' Post

February 7th, 1782

On Thursday morning before sun rise, a select body of rebels, consisting of some two hundred, from the Jersey brigade of light infantry, aided by a party of picked militia men, under the command of Major Bauman, attacked the post of the Loyal Refugees at Bergen, commanded by Major WARD, distinguished by his defence of the Block-House on Hudson river, The rebels had for some time past meditated an attack of which the refugees were apprized, and lay the two preceding nights upon their arms.

The advanced centinel, a Negro man, was bayonetted by the rebels on their approach, all the other centinels had been previously called in; but a well-directed fire from the post, so dismayed the rebels who did not expect a warm reception, that they were soon put in disorder, and obliged to change their position; they then formed in three columns upon the ice, but the refugees, not satisfied with driving them from the batteries of their post, sallied out, and by a brisk fire from their small arms, and a nine pounder well served with grape-shot, did great execution, and obliged them to a precipitate retreat.

It is impossible to ascertain the loss of the rebels, as they were frequently observed dragging off their killed and wounded, from the front of the post, as well as from the ice on which they last formed, both places being much mark'd with their blood--- All the loss the Refugees sustained was, a Surgeon, and another Gentleman which fell into the hands of the enemy.

The Royal Gazette, (New York), February 9th, 1782.

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