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Loyal Refugee Volunteers
Ward's Excursion to Newark

September 2nd, 1781

On Sunday night last, forty Refugees, under the command of Major WARD, embarked on board boats at their post at Bergen Neck, and proceeded over Newark Bay, landed at Jasper's creek, crossed the marsh, and concealed themselves in the heights near Newark town until morning, when the small party was seperated into two divisions, they in a short time collected fifty head of horned cattle, sixteen horses, a number of waggons, &c. &c. together with 13 of our rebellious neighbours, as a small supply for our Commissary of prisoners, and it is to be hoped the late general exchange will leave it in his power to provide them with spacious quarters; the whole of which were conducted to Bergen Neck without the loss of a man, notwithstanding the rebels collected in force with two pieces of cannon, and kept up a smart fire, but the well directed one of the Loyalists, with that of their gun boat, kept the enemy at such a distance, as to prevent their doing us any damage.

The New-York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury, September 10th, 1781.

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