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Hanging Rock Battlefield

Collection #1

The photographs below of the Hanging Rock, South Carolina battlefield were donated for our use by Ron Stevenson of Monroe, N.C.

He writes:

The country between Waxhaws, NC and Camden, SC, is rich in history. It was the home of Native American Tribes before the white man came and arrowheads and stone artifacts can still be found by walking the fields that are cultivated.

In 1780 the area was a hotspot for battles, skirmishes, and meetings during the Revolution and played host to thousands of Sherman's Troops as they passed through here in 1865, pillaging, foraging, and burning homes.

2.5 miles south of the town of Heath Springs, S.C. is a steep incline rising from the bed of a small creek. The slope is covered with huge boulders, the largest being balanced atop several smaller ones -- hence the name, Hanging Rock.

Somewhere in the immediate vicinity, blood was shed in 1780 on two seperate occasions. August 1, 1780, the British troops here were attacked by Davies Cavalry, and at dawn on August 6, 1780, a larger group of patriots led by Gen Sumter attacked and defeated a large garrison of British and Loyalist troops here.

The actual site of the battle is in question, since an 1820 survey by J. Boykin, which was done for the Mill's Atlas of 1825, shows Hanging Rock on the east bank of Hanging Rock Creek.

Approximately 2.5 miles West of this site, present day Flat Rock Rd. runs North and South between Heath Springs and Camden, S.C. A notation and dot on the map show the Battle of Hanging Rock approximately 1 mile south of the Rock and alongside what would now be Flat Rock Rd.

The site can be reached by taking US-521 south to the town of Heath Springs, S.C. In the downtown area, US-521 makes a 90 degree turn left. At this point,SC-15 (Flat Rock Rd.) continues straight ahead.

Take Flat Rock Rd. approximately 2.5 miles to Hanging Rock Rd., on which an historical roadside marker is located. Turn left On Hanging Rock Rd. and Hanging Rock is located on your right immediately after crossing the bridge over Hanging Rock Creek.

The place is a State Park, though one would never know. A small gravel road, blocked by a cable between 2 posts, is the path leading to Hanging Rock.

A short walk of 100 yards will place you on top of the site. There are no markers or signs located at Hanging Rock, only the small road and the cable which blocks motorized vehicles.

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Battlefield Monument

Battlefield Monument.

Heath Springs, SC Marker

Heath Springs, SC Marker.

Marker near Hanging Rock

Marker near Hanging Rock.

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