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Report from The Royal Gazette, May 12, 1779

On Sunday morning last, a party of refugees went from New-York, in boats to Closter, a settlement abounding with many violent rebels, and persecuters of loyal subjects, and who are almost daily affording some fresh instance of barbarity. The party, on their approach to their settlement, being fired upon by the militia from houses, were obliged to lay them in ashes, and after pursuing the run-aways, killing five or six, wounding many, and bringing in four prisoners, returned to this city, having one man slightly wounded from a random shot on re-embarking. On the party’s first arrival at Closter they found affixed on several houses, printed papers, with the following;

“No Quarters shall be given to Refugees &c.”

Some time since Mr. Myers, an Ensign in a company of refugees, was killed in a skirmish with a party of rebels near Closter, the inhabitants of that place after his death, stripp’d his corps naked, hung him up by the neck, where he was exhibited as a public spectacle for many hours.

The inhabitants of Closter have been remarkable for their persecution of, and cruelty to all the friends of government, and had fixed up in many of their houses advertisements, in which they expressed their determination of giving no quarter to refugees, and requested all Continental soldiers and militia to refuse them quarters.

When the refugees in their late excursion entered the village of Closter they were fired at out of the houses and barns, &c.

The Royal Gazette (New York,) May 12, 1779

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