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Extract of a letter from Closter, Bergen county, dated May 10, 1779.

“This day about 100 of the enemy came by the way of New-Dock, attacked the place, and carried off Cornelius Tallman, Samuel Demarest, Jacob Cole, and George Buskirk; killed Cornelius Demarest; wounded Hendrick Demarest, Jeremiah Vestervelt, and Dow Tallman, &c. They burnt the dwelling-house of Peter Demarest, Matthias Bogart, Cornelius Huyler, Samuel Demarest’s house and barn, John Banta’s house and barn, and Cornelius Bogart and John Vestervelt’s barns. They attempted to burn every building they entered, but the fire was in some places extinguished. They destroyed all the furniture, &c., in many houses, and abused many of the women. In their retreat they were so closely pursued by the militia and a few continental troops, that they took off no cattle.

They were of Buskirk’s corps, some of our Closter and Tappan old neighbours, joined by a party of negroes. I should have mentioned the negroes first in order to grace the British arms.”

The New Jersey Gazette (Trenton,) May 12, 1779

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