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Butler's Rangers: The Battle of Wyoming

As there is Nothing More Commendable than Truth shall point out the Particulars of an Engagement Fought on Abrahams Plains at WyOmen on the Susqoha Between Major John BUTLER and a Body of Indians with [blank] Rangers Consisting in All of about 584 Indians and Rangers Against a Body of Rebles Between four or five hundred the Latter Being Tottaly Routed and Defeated after an Engagement of about………. [blank] on the 3 Day of July 1778.

July 3d    Major BUTLER this day dispatchd a flag of Truce to one of there Garrisons Calld forty fort and Demanded an Immedate Surrender By Lieut. TURNEY of the rangers and that there Wives and Children should not be hurt and that they Should Deliver up there Arms, and Warlike Stores to Be Disposed of as Major BUTLER thought proper and that they on there part should not Bare Arms during the present Contest.

They Abused our flag with Menecaing Languges and Said that they did not Entend to Deliver up the fort there Wives and Children to be Butcherd by the Indians there Houses Burned & there places Laid Waste But if Major BUTLER Would Meet them at the Half way Brook they Would Treat with him and if not that he Might Expect they Would Come and See him that Evening-

But Only Observe the Treacherey the Rebels had Detatchd forty men out along a Mountain in that when Coll. BUTLER and the Chiefs of the Indians advancd to meet the Rebels they were to Surround them and Make them prisoners thinking by this there treachours Behavor to Defeat us:

Lieut. TURNEY being returned and aqquanting Major BUTLER of the Treatment he Received from the Rebels about 4 of the oClock in the Afternoon our Indians who were out on the Scout Returned and brought the news of the Rebels Advancing to meet us Major BUTLER Immedatly with the Advice of the Indians Orderd a Stockheaded fort which we had Taken three Days Before to be Immedately Set on fire

Major BUTLER Orderd the Rangers to form a Line of Battle posting them to the Left Wing & the Indians to the Right and himself taking post Between Both to give Orders to Both rangers and Indians Captins JOHNSTON [illegible] & Lieut. LOTTRIDGE with Some other Indian Officers on the right wing with the Sinakes Capt. CALDWELL with a number of other Ranging Officers to the Left the Major Issuing out Orders to the Indian Officers that if any thing should Occure During the Engagement Matereal they should Apply to him for Orders

the Enemey Advanced within about 200 Yards of our Lines when they fired two or three Random Shots after which two or three Distinct Volleys the Indians and Rangers Observing not to Return the fire Untill they were Close in when we would be Able to do Execution

there Being a Mountain on one Side of us and the River on the Other the Enemey Outlining us thinking by [this] Stratigem to Surround us-

but the Indians of the Sinake to the Right Discovering there Motion Entercepting them Immedatly by returning there fire Very warmly When Major BUTLER Immedatly Ordered the Rangers to fire which they did with Great Elertness and good Order

our Right Wing the Sinakes with there Officers Broke the Left Wing of the Rebels Surrounding them and forcing them low into the river Tomhocking them Like Some Dogs Before them

those which took the River were Most of them Drownded which we cannot give an Account of there Numbers in that they were All now in Confusion flying Every way to Make there Escapes: who But a Little Before were Daring us for tory Dogs to fight them

the Indians Showing them no favour but killing Every one which fell into there hands: the Indians Being Exasparated with them by reasons of the kind offer Major Butler had Offerd them and of there Ungenorirous Refusal Chusing rather to fight us

the Gallant Behavior of the Indian and Ranging Officers During the Engagement with Major Butler who Giving his Orders in the Most Calmest Manner was with the Equal Chearfullness Obeyed to the Immortal honour of Such his Majestys Loyal Subjects

our Loss Killed an Scalped of the Enemey
  killed and Wounded
  rangers   227 scalped
  Besides what was
  Drownded in the river

Droll power and Ink none

An Authentick Acct.
of a Battle fought against
the rebels at WyOmen July 3

As Truth

National Archives of Canada, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, MG 19, F 35, Series 2, Lot 613, pages 1-4.

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