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Associated Loyalists
Report of Activities

June 17th, 1781

An authentic account of the proceedings of a body of Associated Loyalists, under the Board of Directors, commanded by Captains HUBBILL, IVES, Jesse HOYT, and Charles THOMAS.

The Associators embarked on Sunday the 17th inst. on board their brig Sir Henry Clinton, and sloop Association, and accompanied by His Majesty's brig Keppel, Capt. STEEL, proceeded across the Sound towards Guilford, but the wind failing in the night, they were not able to effect a landing until Monday morning about 7 o'clock, when they landed about 30 men on Leet's-Island, near Sachem's Head, where contrary to expectation, they found the rebels had a superior number of men, and had erected a block-house well calculated for their defence.

The Associators, however, drove the rebels from the post, and likewise from the adjacent houses, notwithstanding a heavy fire they received from thence. The block house, two dwelling houses, and a storehouse were burnt, on account of the rebels having fired from them, and wounded eight of the Associators.

By this time a large number of militia having assembled, it was thought expedient to retreat to their shipping, which was effected by the assistance of their gun-boat, without any other loss than three or four muskets belonging to the wounded.

They then proceeded as far as Brentford, where they lay until Tuesday morning, when finding the country too much alarmed for a descent with so small a force, they returned towards the Long-Island shore, where, on Wednesday morning, they discovered seven rebel boats off Setauket, but being too near the shore to be cut off, the rebels landed, hauled their boats into the woods and then ran off.

Captain HUBBIL landed with all his force, and in about two hours brought off a very fine twelve oar'd barge, or gun boat, called the General Wooster, with two swivels and a blunderbuss, and six very good whale-boats, most of which are entirely new. Every method was taken to discover the rebels on the shore, but without success. In these boats was found a quantity of plunder, supposed to be worth an hundred pounds. The eight wounded men are all likely to recover.

The New-York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury, July 2nd, 1781.

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