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Post War Settlement
Settlers on Block No. 4

Return of Setlers on Block No. 4 as now Survey'd by Mr. ALLEN.
                                                                                7th June 1786

Rank Names No. of Lots Remarks
Captain Trisham HILLMAN          1 Navy-   Present
Loyalist Thomas D. TAYLOR          2 -----       Do
         3 Vacant
Private George HICKS          4 Present & improved-  K.A.R.
Do John C. FOX          5 Do  built &   Do           do
Loyalist William LINDOP          6 Present & improved
Serjt. Asa BLAKSLEY          7 Improved                   K.A.R.
Corpl. Titus WAY          8 Present, built & improv'd   KAR
Lieutenant George COX          9 Improved                          do
Captain Isaac ATTWOOD        10 Present, built & improv'd    do
Private Henry CRONKITE        11 Do         Do      Do            do
Widow        GRANT        12 Do     now married             do
Serjt. Daniel WRIGHT        13 Present, improved             do
Private Michael HONSINGER        14 St. Anns                          do
Private Anthony WOODLAND        15 Present & improved           do
Vacant        16
Loyalist John B. WILLISTON        17 Present
Vacant Space        18
Private John CURRY        18 Present          Loyal Amr. Regt
Do Elijah TOMKINS        19 Present & improved       do
Do Obediah TOMKINS        20 Present                        do
Do Hendrick SKIDEL        21 Do                               do
Do John TOMKINS, Junr.        22 Do                               do
Serjt. Hicks SEAMANS        23 Do    built & improved    K.A.R.
Private Edmund TOMKINS        24 Present          Loyal Amr. Regt
Corpl. Elias TEED        26 Present                        K.A.R.
Drummer Silvenus TEED        27 Do                                 do
Serjt. Solomon TEED        28 Do    built & improved      do
Vacant        29

I do hereby Certify that the Above Return is a true and Just one

Capt. late K. A. Regt.

Collections of the New Brunswick Museum, F-50, folio 13, #4.

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