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Post War Settlement
Penobscot Inhabitants' Petition

To His Excellency Sir Guy CARLETON
Knight of the Bath, and Commander in
Chief of His Majesty’s Forces in North
America &c &c

The Petition of the subscribers appointed to Represent the Inhabitants Claiming His Majesty’s Protection at Fort George Penobscot

Most Humbly sheweth

That In Consequence of Invitations from Government and Promises of Protection & support at this Post, Numbers of Loyalists left their Connections & Estates and fled to this Peninsula that they Might be more Immediately under the Protection of his Majestys Troops, where many of them have been obliged to Build Houses and Hutts for the Reception of their Familys, on Lotts promised & Granted them for that purpose, In doing which a great part of the little property they brought with them has been Expended.

It is with pain that we are obliged to Represent to your Excellency, that if the Troops are Removed before some Compensation is made for that kind of property Many will be obliged to go with them in a Degree of wretchedness for want of such Compensation

We are also appointed to Represent to your Excellency, that above one Hundred Heads of familys are desirous of Removeing Into his Majestys Province of Nova Scotia, Where hoping to Enjoy the Blessings of that Government which they Still Revere, and to Escape from the Resentment & Threats of those against whome they have from Principle taken up arms in the Royal Cause.

We therefore In behalf of those persons Beg leave to Represent to your Excellency, that their situation By the unexpected Evacuation of this place is most distressing and many of them are deprived thereby of the Means of Removeing themselves and Family’s.

For these Consideration we beg Humbly to request that your Excellency would be pleased to make the Same provision for Removeing the Loyalists at this Post which has been done for those Removeing from New York &c.

And that they may be furnished with grants of Land at Passemequady or on the River St. Croix or St. John, Most Convenient for Carrying on fishing, Lumbering & farming and also that some other provision may be made further as your Excellency’s wisdom and the Clemency and Justice of his Majesty may point out.

And your Petitioners as in Duty Bound shall ever Pray


Jereh. POTE
Thomas WYER


Having been furnished with [a] Copy of the foregoing Petition made at the request and in behalf of many of his Majesty’s subjects at this Post

I hereby Certify that it is a just Representation of their Situation, and Humbly Recommend that their particular distresses may be taken into Consideration and Every possible Relief granted unto Them.

I further Certify that they have appointed Mr. Thomas WYER to be the Bearer of their Petition and that he is a person of Character & strongly attachd. to British Government. Gave at Fort George Penobscot this 26th Day of April 1783.

Signed        John CAMPBELL
                    B: General
                Commanding at Penobscot

The above is an Exact Copy of the Memorial and Certificate forwarded to His Excellency Sir Guy CARLETON in April 1783


Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 51, folios 251-252.

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