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Post War Settlement
Memorial of John Fraser

His Excellency John WENTWORTH
Esquire Lieutenant Governor and
Commander in Chief in and over His
Majestys Province of Nova Scotia and its
Dependencies Vice Admiral of the same &c
&c &c

The Memorial of Lieut. John FRASER late of the Royal Nova Scotia Regiment

Respectfully Sheweth

That in the Year 1784, your Memorialist settled upon Lands Granted to him by Government, for his Services last War.

That one James Watson Inhabitant, on the West River of Pictou had a lot of 200 Acres with a small Grist Mill, and some other Improvements on said Lands which he possesed, by Virtue of a Warrant of Survey, Granted to him and Others as appears on Record

that said Watson having occasion to go to the American States disposed of his Improvements, and Right to said Lands to your Excellencys Memorialist, for the sum of Twenty Pounds,

that after Your Memorialist getting possesion of said Lot, he and John McCOB erected a Saw Mill, and made other Improvements on the premises but never applied for a Grant thereof till now.

That in the year 1788 Your Excellencys Memorialist as Agent for Government in settling Lands at Pictou & Merigomesh Accompanied William MORRIS Esquire then Assistant Surveyor or General of Lands for the space of two Months in taking a Survey & settling Vacant Lands on these settlements and had 500 Acres surveyed to him on the Gulph of St. Lawrence, which Lands are for Several Years by past been Improved by two Tenants placed there by Your Memorialist which is all the Lands given to him by Government, excepting his Regimental Lot.

May it therefore Please Your Excellency to Consider what is above set forth and to Direct, and that a Grant of the above Lands may be given to him, as he is ready now to take out the same, as Your Excellency will permit, and as in Duty Bound

Your Memorialist will ever

Halifax 24th Decemr. 1794

Public Archives of Nova Scotia, RG 20A, Volume 23, No. 1794-9.

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