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Post War Settlement
Chits for Lots

Upon the coming of the Loyalists to Port Mouton (Guysborough Township), Nova Scotia, chits were drawn (from a hat according to local tradition) to assign lots of land. Guysborough Township was, of course, named in honor of Sir Guy Carleton.

The photographs below are examples of these chits. The originals are owned by the Queens County Museum in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, and these photographs were donated for our use by John Leefe, Howard's Coy., King's Orange Rangers.

What appears to be a used Naval Commissary of Prisoners form was torn into even sized chits, and a lot number, and sometimes a description, was written on each. After a man would draw a chit from the hat, his name would be written on both the front and the back.

The three men whose chits appear below were all members of Tarleton's British Legion. If you check the muster rolls for the British Legion on-line here at the Institute, you will find that the men were serving as follows in 1781:

Wade BLAIR Drummer Captain MacPherson's Coy. 1781
Thomas JONES Private Captain Charles McDonald's Coy. 1781
Jasper LESLIE Trooper Captain David Ogilvey's Troop 1781

Chit for Wade Blaire

Chit for Wade Blaire

Chit for Thomas Jones

Chit for Jasper Lesslie

Queens County Museum, Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

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