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Post War Settlement
Memorial of Ensign Hibbert Newton Binney

To His Excellency John PARR, Captain
General and Governor in Chief, in and over
His Majesty’s Province of Nova Scotia, and
its Dependencies, Vice Admiral of the same
&c. &c. &c

The Memorial of Hibbert Newton BINNEY, Ensign late R. N.S. Volunteers

Humbly Sheweth,

That your Memorialist had the Honor of Serving the King, as Ensign in your Excellency’s late Regiment, and as a Reduced Subaltern (according to his Majesty’s most gracious Instructions,) lays Claim to Five Hundred Acres of Land.

Therefore Humbly prays your Excellency, to Grant him said Five Hundred Acres of Land, at Chedebucto, and your Memorialist, as in Duty bound, will ever Pray

Hibbert Newton BINNEY


Approv’d 9th March 84
                              J PARR

Public Archives of Nova Scotia, RG 20A, Volume 2, No. 1784-24.

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