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Female Ancestors
Petition of Letty Bell

To His Excellency Sir William
MacBean George COLEBROOKE K.H.
Lieutenant Governor and
Commander in Chief of the
Province of New Brunswick
&c &c &c And the Honorable
The House of Assembly.

The Petition of Letty BELL of the Parish of Burton in the County of Sunbury

Humbly Sheweth

That her late Husband John BELL Served as a Soldier in the Revolutionary war, in Delancey's Brigade, and, was wounded in the Shoulder, which at times rendered him unable to work.

That your Petitioner was Lawfully married to the said John BELL, and came to this Country with the Loyalists in 1783, and has Since resided within the Province, and is now left, at the age of Eighty Years, in destitute circumstances, and that as long as your Petitioner was able to work, She was unwilling to ask any aid.

Your Petitioner is aware that a Law has passed the Legislature, which prevents the name of any person not then on the list of Pensioners, from being added, but your Petitioner, trusts, that your Excellency and Honors will be pleased to take her destitute Situation, into your most favorable Consideration, and grant her Such relief as in your wisdom may Seem meet.

Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray

Letty   X   BELL

Burton Feby. 14th

Public Archives of New Brunswick, Reel F-7908, RS 8, 2/2.

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