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Property Confiscations
Morris County

The New Jersey Gazette (Trenton), December 16, 1778.

THIS is to give notice, that there has been judgment entered the last court against Thomas MILLIDGE, Stephen SKINNER, Anthony HOLLENHEAD, John TROOP, John STEWARD, Ezekial BEACH, Joseph CONLIFF, Hugh GAINE, John BOYLS, John THORBORN, Asher DUNHAM, William DEAMAN, Philip VAN CORTLAND, Jacob HILOR, Humphrey DAVENPORT, William HOWARD, George BEATTEE, Jacob DEMAREST, Isaac HORNBECK, John BOWLSBY, Edward BOWLSBY, Charles BOWLSBY, Richard BOWLSBY, Thomas HUSK, Lawrence BUSKIRK, Samuel RYERSON, and Nicholas VURLANDT, as the law directs, for their having joined the enemy against their country;

and all persons that have any demands against any of their estates, are desired to meet and make it appear at the house of Matthias Burnet, Esq. in Hanover, on the second Wednesday in January next, at ten o’clock A.M. that it may be settled; and all persons indebted, are desired to pay the money as soon as possible, or have any of their effects, to deliver them up to the Commissioners, or they may depend upon being dealt with as the law directs.

Alex. Carmichael,     }     Commis-
Aaron Kitchel,         }     sioners.

Morris-County, Dec. 7, 1778.

The New Jersey Gazette, (Trenton), December 16, 1778.

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