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Church Records
Memorial of John Beardsley

To the Honorable Thomas DUNDAS and Jeremiah
PEMBERTON Esquires two of the Commissioners
appointed by Act of Parliament for enquiring
into the losses and Services of the Amer-
ican Loyalists.

The Memorial of John BEARDSLEY late of Poughkeepsey in the County of Dutches and Province of New York Clerk but now of the Township of Maugerville in the County of Sunbury and Province of New Brunswick.

Humbly Sheweth,

That your Memorialist previous to the late unhappy War in America was Rector of the Parish of Poughkeepsey Dutches County Province of New York.

That his early and steady Attachment to his Majesty’s Person and Government in opposition to the measures of the American Congress soon rendered him Obnoxious to the aiders and abettors thereof, and was by the usurped authority of their Leaders made Prisoner at different periods in the year 1776 and 1777 and otherwise with his Family cruelly insulted, and finally in the Month of December 1777 was by an Order of the said Usurped powers Banished with his Family into the City of New York, then Garrisoned by his Majesty’s Troops, and was suffered only to bring in with him his Library and his Family’s wearing Apparel and Bedding leaving behind him a Considerable Real and Personal Estate which together with his Professional Losses and Annual Income of his Real Estate is Contained in the Schedule hereunto Annexed.

That in the Month of April 1778 your Memorialist received from His Excellency Sir Henry CLINTON then Commander in Chief of his Majesty’s Forces in America the appointment of Chaplain in his Majesty’s Loyal American Regiment.

Continued doing duty as Chaplain with said Regiment until the Evacuation of New York in the Summer of the year 1783, when he removed with his Family to that part of the Province of Nova Scotia which by the late division is in the Province of New Brunswick.

That the Real and Personal Estate of your Memorialist as stated in the Schedule hereunto annexed has been Confiscated by an Act of the Legislature of the State of New York, and the Real Estate located upon and the Personal Estate sold, and the Sallary which your Memorialist had received from his Parish has been withheld since the 25th December 1775, as well as the Annual Rent of the Glebe or Church Farm which he lived on, since the time of his Banishment.

Your Memorialist therefore prays that his Case may be taken into your Consideration, in order that your Memorialist may be enabled, under your Report, to receive such aid or relief as his Losses and Services may be found to deserve.


Maugerville (New Burnswick)
28th January 1786.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 21, folios 20-21.

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