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Church Records
Memorial of Thomas Barton

To his Excellency Sir Henry CLINTON, K.B., Commander in Chief &c &c &c

The Memorial of Thomas BARTON, Missionary to the Episcopal Churches of Lancaster, Caernarvan, and Pequee, in the Province of Pennsylvania,


That your Memorialist, having had the Honor, by a Memorial of the 12th Instant, of representing his late and present Situation to their Excellencies his Majesty’s Commissioners; and having learned from Mr. EDEN that your Excellency permits him to hope for ‘a Chaplaincy if that would be better suited to his Interest & Wishes than a Voyage to England.’

Your Memorialist therefore, desirous of remaining as near, as his safety will admit of, to his Children & other tender Connections, ‘till the fate of America shall be determined, pray your Excellency’s Indulgence to present such Testimonials and papers, as may encourage him to avail himself of your Excellency’s Humanity; And to solicit any Appointment that you may be pleased to think adapted to the present Condition or Misfortunes of

Your Excellency’s most respectfull
& most obedient Memorialist


New York
Novr. 20th [1778?]

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 46, item 21.

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