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South Carolina Royalists
Certification of Half Pay

We the undernamed Officers of the 2nd Battalion of South Carolina Royalists Do Hereby Certify that on our arriving at Hudsonís Ferry from Carolina with the Men of whom Said Battalion were afterward Composed Col: CAMPBELL did distribute the Said men into Six Companies under different Captains.

And on observing that Mr. George CARTER, Mr. Isaac GRAY and Mr. James HARVEY, had resigned the men whom they brought from Carolina to fill up the Six Companies then formed. He the Said Colonel CAMPBELL did assure the foresaid CARTER, GRAY and HARVEY that they should receive Captainís Half Pay untill they should have the opportunity of raising their Companies in Carolina.

And we do further Certify that Mr. James HARVEY had sett off with Leave to raise men in Carolina and was absent on that attempt when Half Pay was confirmed to CARTER & GRAY by His Excelly. Major Genl. Aug: PREVOST.

Christopher COLEMAN Major 2nd B. S. [C.] Roayallist
Elijah WELLS Captn.
David REES Captn.
Stephen MAYFIELD Captn.
Revd. John DEVAUX M.S.
    and Chaplain to the 1st Batt. So.
    Carolina Royalists


Great Britain, Public Record Office, Chancery, Class 106, Volume 89, Part 1.

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