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Rattan & Black River Volunteers


By Virtue of the Authority Invested in me by Adjutant General DALRYMPLE, and approved of by his Excellency General DALLING in vesting me with the command of Rattan. I do now nominate & appoint you to be [blank] of the [blank] Company of Rattan Volunteers for the expedition on Foot against the Negroes now in Rebellion at Black River Mosquito shore, Confiding in your Abilities and Conduct, you will obey all such orders as you may receive from me-

Given under my hand, on board the Schooner Trimmer at Bonnaco the 22d June 1780.

(Signed)     Richd. HOARE

By order of the Commander in Chief
     John MIDDLETON, Secy.

Rattan Volunteers

Captain James FERRAL
1st Lieutenant Richard Francis O'BRIEN
2d Lieutenant John STEPHENS
                         James MIDDLETON
Ensign James FERRAL, Junr.
                         James FERRAL, Minor

Commissary John MIDDLETON
Surgeon Charles KEEFFE

Black River Volunteers

Richard HOARE, Commander in Chief & Captain
1st Lieutenant Daniel YOUNG
2nd Lieutenant George COLLIE
                           George SAVERY
                           James USHER
                           Robert DOUGLASS
                           Joshua STODDARD
Ensign James HOY
              Thomas BONNER
              R B SANDWITH
              David HARRIS
Sergeant William BOONE
                 David DAVIS

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Colonial Office, Class 137, Volume 78, folio 308.

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