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Maryland Loyalists
Memorial of Lieut. John Sterling

To His Excellency Sir Guy CARLETON K.B. General &
Commander in Chief &c &c &c

The Memorial of Lieutenant STERLING of the Regt. of Maryland Loyalists

humbly Sheweth

That your Memorialist in the Winter 1777, left his native province of Maryland and fled to the Kings Army at Philadelphia.

That there being offered a Warrant by Lieut. Colonel CHALMERS to raise a Company in his Regiment the Maryland Loyalists he returned again to Maryland & at a great risque of his life, at a very heavy expence, and after undergoing many dangerous difficulties, he recruited sent and brought in with him to the Regt. (which he joined in the Spring 1778) about one hundred men.

That it being Suggested to Your Memorialist that he was rather young and inexperienced for the command of a Company, he willingly, for those strong reasons, and least the only motive of his joining the Army, that of rendering some service to his King, should be made abortive by it, accepted of a Lieutenancy, in which rank he has ever since served.

What his Conduct has been since he has had the honor of being in his Majesty's Service, he chearfully leaves to the Commanding Officer of the Regt. to acquaint your Excellency-

he will only say that he has all along flattered himself with having gained his approbation and that of his Officers, and hopes they will be of opinion that, he has now gained too the experience sufficient for the rank he before willingly waved from a want of that knowledge.

That there being, by the resignation of Captain FRISBY a Company vacant, besides the one applied for by Lieutenant TOWNSEND, with whose pretensions, so justly founded, he would by no means wish to interfere-

Your Memorialist humbly hopes that in consideration of the efforts he made in raising the men Mentioned & of his Services Since, That your Excellency will be pleased to appoint him to the Command of a Company, lately Capt. FRISBY's-

and thereby render him independant of his infatuated Countrymen, who appear too evidently still to retain a peculiar bitterness and inveterate resentment against those who have fought in defence of their King and Constitution.

John STERLING Lieut.
Maryland Loyalists

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/10112.

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