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Maryland Loyalists
Fettyplace Requests a Hearing

Honrd. Sir

with great reluctance I once more presume to trouble you, being informed the [?] will will Shortly Imbark for Europe, and being a real object of charaty from a total Loss of Sight, labour under a dreadfull Aprihantion of being abandened in my oald age, am Imboldened from Yr. known Humanity to Interist your Self in my behalf, being desirous of an Imparsal hearing which will not only Justifie my conduct to the world, but mention the good opinion I flatter myself you have of me,

I was attested as Serjeant when I Enlisted and was Shortly after made Serjt. Major and was in that Station when I had the misfortune to loose my Sight and look upon it Extramely hard to be reduced without the least reason to me assigned;

not only that but cannot get the Donation overhalls, Excepting I take 3 Shillings for them, which is no ways Equivalant, the men paid 1:4 per pair, Expecially as the cloth was far Superior in quality.

I could mention more Grievences but fear lest it Should Seem two troublesome; humbly hope you will be pleased, to order Such measures as you Shall think fit for your most distressed though obedint and dutifull Servant


The Board of Inquiry to which this memorial is referred are of the opinion That the within named Serjeant FETTYPLACE should not have been invalided as a private, he having served near six years as Serjeant in the Maryland Loyalists, during which time his conduct has merited the approbation of his Commanding Officers.

G. G. LUDLOW Coll.

16 April 1783

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/7438.

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