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Loyal American Association
Command Structure

Head Quarters, Boston, 17th November 1775.

Many of His Majesty's Loyal American Subjects, residing in Boston with their Adherents, having offered their Service for the Defence of the Place, the Commander in Chief has ordered them to be armed, and directed their being formed into three Companies under the Command of the Hon. Timothy RUGGLES, to be called the Loyal American Associators;

they will be Distinguished by a white sash round the left arm.

The Honorable Timothy RUGGLES, Commander.

First Company.-  Abijiah WILLARD, Captain; 1st Lieuts., Thomas BUMAN, George LEONARD; 2d Lieuts., Thomas DANFORTH, James PAINE, James PUTNAM, Junr.

Second Company.-  James PUTNAM, Captain; 1st Lieuts., John SERGEANT, Daniel OLIVER; 2d Lieuts., Jeremiah Dummer ROGERS, John RUGGLES, Stephen JONES.

Third Company.-  Francis GREEN, Captain; 1st Lieuts., Ebenezer SPOONER, Joseph JONES; 2nd Lieuts., Abraham SAVAGE, William CHANDLER, Nathaniel COFFIN.

Brigadier RUGGLES will appoint Guard Rooms and Alarm Posts for those Companies, and give them the necessary orders.

The Commissary General will give rations of Provisions to those Companies according to the returns signed by the Commandant.

Collections of the New-York Historical Society, 1883, Kemble Papers, pages 252-253.

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