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King's Carolina Rangers
Obituary of Andrew Johnston

SAVANNAH, September 28.   [1780]

How beautiful is Death when earn'd by Virtue!
Who would not be that Youth, my friends?
                                             Addison's Cato.

ON the 14th inst. died at Augusta, of a wound he that day received whilst bravely charging the Rebels, Capt. ANDREW JOHNSTON, of the King's Rangers, son of the Hon. Lewis JOHNSTON, one of the Members of his Majesty's Council for this province.

In the year 1776 he was, with two of his brothers, obliged to leave this province on account of his and their steady loyalty to their King, and attachment to legal government.

In the year 1777 he received a commission in Lieut. Col. BROWN's Rangers, and soon after distinguished himself remarkably by his intrepidity in the attack upon Fort Barrington, at that time in the possession of the Rebels, having been the first man that entered the fort on storming it.

In the summer of 1778, when the united Rebel forces of this province and South Carolina invaded East Florida, he received a dangerous wound in gallantly defending a breast-work with a handful of men against great superiority of numbers.

Since that time he was almost constantly on actual service, and on every occasion supported the character of a good and brave Officer.

His generous and spirited behaviour on the 14th inst. which so gloriously finished his career of honour, will be remembered with gratitude by all those who were witnesses of it.

In publick life he was distinguished by true patriotick zeal for the service of his King and Country- and in private life no less so, for the more mild and amiable virtues of humanity, and the conscientious and affectionate discharge of all the social duties in the character of Companion, Friend, Brother, and Child.

Such was the generous Youth whose fall we lament.

His Country's Glory fir'd him as he dy'd,
Her Love still sounding on his falt'ring Breath:
O bless her Arms! the dying Hero cry'd,
Heaven heard, and Victory adorn'd his Death.

The Royal Georgia Gazette, (Savannah), September 28th, 1780.

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