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Royal Garrison Battalion
Formation of the Corps

NEW-YORK, October 6. [1778]

His Excellency the Commander in Chief has been pleased to order a garrison battalion to be formed, and to consist of a Major Commandant, two Captains, six Lieutenants, three Ensigns, an Adjutant, Quarter-Master and Surgeon, with non-commissioned officers, Drummers and rank and file:

Captain William SUTHERLAND, Aid de-Camp to the Commander in Chief, to be Major Commandant.

Lieut. John GRANT, upon half pay, and Lieut. Waldron KELLY, from the 10th regiment, to be Captains.

Ensign BADDELY, from the Loyal Americans, _____ M’GINNIS, late of the Queen’s Rangers, Adjutant James HUNT, from the 49th regiment, Ensign BLUNDELL, Alexander RIO, late Town Adjutant of Philadelphia, and Ensign DARCUS, from the Fencible Americans, to be Lieutenants.

Quarter-Master SUTHERLAND, Volunteer CHISHOLM, and Volunteer Archibald BLUNDELL, to be Ensigns.

_____ BADDELY, to be Adjutant.

Surgeon’s Mate Richard BELL, from the General-Hospital, to be Surgeon.

The Royal American Gazette, (New York), October 6th, 1778.

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