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Emmerick's Chasseurs
Disbanding of Corps

Head Quarters   New York   31st of Augt 1779.

The Commander in Chief is pleas'd to make the follow'g Arrangement, of the Corps Command'd by Lt Col'l EMMERICH-

One Troop Consisting of a Quarter Master, Two serjeants, 1 Trumpeter & 40 rank & file, to be form'd out of the Cavalry under the Command of Capt'n HUCK, L't HUNT, and Cornet TWAINE, to be put under the Orders of L't Col'l TARLETON but not to be incorporated with the Legion.

The remaind'r to be dismounted and from them and the Infantry a company of 3 serj't, 1 drum, 53 rank & file to be formed and added to the New York Volunteers under the Command of Capt'n ALTHOUSE, Lieu't de BECK, & Ensign ALTHOUSE the remainder to be put under the care of Lieu't OLDING and to join the company now commanded by Major SHERIDAN in the New York Volunteers.

Sho'd any of the Infantry being Irish prefer Serving in the Queens Rangers or Volunteers of Ireland to Serving in the New York Volunteers they will be permitted that Indulgence & the Scotch and English may if they please chuse the Queens Rangers or the Legion command'd by Lord CATHCART.

L't Col'l EMMERICH & Major DeVEBER to remain on full pay, the other Officers three months pay and have leave to quit the Service.

Doct'r CLARKE late Surgeon of the Chasseurs is appoint'd Surgeon to the Waggoners of the Quart'r Mast'r Generals Department.

Officers Names who rec'd Three Months
pay and were dismiss'd the Chasseurs

Capt's      R. VANDERBURGH      L't Infantry   U C. by Gen. TRYON
                 B. OGDEN                       L't Dragoons

Cap't Lieu't    G. WELBANK

Lieut's      James HUESTIS            L't Dragoons
                  B. Woolsey MUIRSON  L't Dragoons- has half pay
                  Jno JONES

                  Thomas MERRITT- Cornet
                  B. M. Woolsey - Cornet

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 67, item 1.

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