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Emmerick's Chasseurs
Officers' Memorial

To His Excellency Sir Henry CLINTON K.B. Gen: and Commander in Chief of all His Majesty's Forces laying on the Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia to West Florida inclusive &c &c &c

We the Officers of His Majesty's Corps of Chasseurs commanded by Lieut Colo EMMERICH- do Accuse him the Sd Lieut Colo EMMERICH of the following Crimes Viz.

1st  For returning fictitious Names by which he drew Money from the Pay Office, and converted it to his own use-

2dly  For employing Soldiers, Negroes, & Refugees, to robb and plunder the Inhabitants of West Chester County and dividing the property with them-

3dly  For imprisoning, Whipping and cruelly beating the inhabitants without cause or tryal-

4thly  For forcing the Inhabitants to give Notes and pay monies that were never due-

5thly  For Publicly ordering parties to plunder & Sharing the profits with them-

6thly  For Selling Horses inspected & branded for His Majesty's Service and converting the money to his own private use

7thly  For converting to his own use money drawn for his Soldiers-

8thly  For issuing Orders detrimental to His Majesty's Service-

9thly  For Ungentlemanlike behaviour, approving of and encouraging the same-

10thly  For obliging Soldiers to pay for half mounting received from the Inspector Genl's Office; Selling their discharges and converting the money to his own private use;- for inhumanely beating them, so as to render them unfit for Service, & Also for turning them out of the Lines-

11thly  for (contrary to the Rules of War and Laws of Nations) beating and imprisoning a Flag of Truce

Honor and Justice compel us to represent to Your Excellency, Facts as openly Notorious to throughout the Army and Country Adjacent as they are infamous in themselves-

We therefore pray Your Excellency will be pleased to Order the Sd Lieut Colo EMMERICH in Arrest, & that a Court Marital may be held where we will appear and Support the above Charges, or forfeit every pretension to command under the Sd Lieut Colo EMMERICH-

June 22d 1779

your Memorialists shall pray &c

Benjn OGDEN Capt Lt Dgs           Jno JONES Lieut
James HUESTIS Lt L d                  Thos MERRITT Cort L D
Benjn Woolsey MIURSON Lt Drags
G WELBANK Capt Lt                     Benj M WOOLSEY Cort Drags

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 61, item 33.

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