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East Florida Rangers
Tonyn to Clinton, 1776


The articles, contained in your letter, relative to raising the rifle Companies, I transcribed into a Cypher and sent it to Mr. BROWN: he is gone by way of the Creek Nation, to the Cherokee.

You did not perfectly comprehend BROWN’s proposals.

He did not mean to be Captain of the rifle Companies, that are intended to act under my direction.

His plan is more extensive, having in his power to raise, eight or nine hundred Men, in the back Country, exclusive of the above mentioned Companies: with these he designs to join the Indians, the Superintendant may be able to put into motion, for the good of His Majesty’s Service.

It was his intention, that, the Gentry, that collect the Men to form the Companies, were to be appointed their Officers.

I therefore did not mention to him, the highland Volunteers: but, if the Plan takes place, I shall reserve all the appointments for your nomination that can possibly be done.

It is not without impatience that I long to have further accounts from you, as many things occur to me, which are necessary to provide for this scheme, and must require some time to put in execution for it.

I hope to have full powers to carry it on with spirit and effect, for, without proper means, it would be a folly to attempt the measure.

If the operations of your Army have either of the Carolina’s for Objects, there cannot be the least doubt, of the powerfull check it must be upon the Rebels, that a Corps of Troops formed on the borders within this Province, ready to fall upon Georgia, or to act as occasion may require.

For this reason, I have all along endeavoured, by every means, I could suggest, to preserve a quiet system on the Borders of this Province, and to make the River St. Mary, as little the object of the observations of the Rebels, as is possible; because, I purposed to assemble these Companies on the Banks of this River; and the more suddenly it is done, if it once becomes a measure, it will strike with the greater alarm. Nobody is acquainted with this design as yet, but, BROWN.

I have the honour to be with great regard, and esteem,

Your most obedient
humble Servant
Saint Augustine 15 April 76


University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 15, item 17.

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