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East Florida Rangers
Prevost to Howe

[Extract of a letter from Brigadier General PREVOST to Sir William HOWE, dated St. Augustine, 14 June 1777.]

I take the Liberty to submit to your Excellency, that if a Troop of 50 good Rangers on Horse Back were allowed to be raised who being armed with their Rifles or Carabines & a good Sword fixed to the Saddle cou’d occasionally either engage on horseback or on foot, it might Contribute greatly to the Safety of this Province,

the keeping of Horses is no material Expence, Grass is to be had at all Times & a little Corn when they are on Duty wou’d be sufficient, in Case of any Engagement being kept as a Reserve they wou’d occasionally assist where necessary or pursue with great Advantage.

Major PREVOST grieves much that he had not a small Party of that kind with him in his last Skirmish with the Rebel Horse as few of them cou’d have escaped having a deep River to pass after they were defeated.

The Rangers & Indians who were with him at the Time not being looked upon as being under the Majors Command, when urged by him to pursue said their Horses were too much fatigued.

The Indians entirely intent on plunder thought of nothing but Securing all the Horses they cou’d find & the King’s Troops, many of them barefoot & greatly fatigued & overcome with excessive Heat who cou’d not attempt to come up with People, who fled with all possible Swiftness & were on horse Back.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, Pro 30/55/584.

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