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Black Hussars
Robertson to Clinton

[Extract of a letter from General James Robertson to Sir Henry Clinton, dated December 22nd, 1779.]

Capt. ROOK tells me that in forming Captain DEMARs troop, you instructed him to make up the proper pay of the Brunswickers to Dragoons pay.

But Genl. REEDHESEL says the Duke of Brunswick can not be charged with any part of their pay as they are returned deserters and are replaced by the Duke that if he gave them pay it wou’d be stop’d out of his own.

I Said that in that case I shou’d consider them as English Soldiers, and they Shou’d take the oaths and be attested, he says that by the Stipulation, deserters from their Corps to ours are to be returned.

That, he’ll order them to be Claim’d when ever an opportunity offers of Sending them to Canada, he will not sooner least he shou’d thereby provoke them to desert, a complyance with the demand wou’d break up DEMARs troop.

I consulted Genl. KNYPHAUSEN, who says he can see how the demand can be refused but he rolls the burthen of the decision upon me, as a matter relative to British Finances.

I wish to know your Orders, which possibly may arrive before the demand is made.

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 83, item 39.

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