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New Hampshire Volunteers
McKinnon's Company

Muster Roll of a Company in Majr. STARK’s Corps to be Commanded by Capt. John McKINNON Taken at Philadelphia this 8th Day of Decr. 1777-

Captain John McKINNON   1 October 1777
Lieut. Donald McVICAR 11 Do
Sgt John CURRY 13 Octr. 1777 Capt. McKINNON Gone to N. York
Sgt John McKAY   3 Novr. 1777 Do Do
Cpl Malcolm McDUFFIE 25 Do Do
Drummer John McKINZIE 18 Do Lt. McVICAR Gone to N. York
Hector McKINZIE      Do Do Do
Thomas McANNALLY 13 Octr. 1777 Capt. McKINNON
Andrew MORAN 14 Do Do Gone to N. York
Thomas CARNAVAN 13 Do Do Do
Benjamin BOND      Do Do Do
Hugh McINTOSH      Do Do
Robert DICKSON      Do Do Gone to N. York
George SUTTON      Do Do Sick
John HAYMAN      Do Do Gone to N. York
Neil MURPHY      Do Do Do
Robert NOWLING 14 Do Do Do
Henry LEICH 22 Do Lt. McVICAR Do
Benjamin WOOD 24 Do Do Do
James TOOL      Do Do Do
Concord STOVER 26 Do Do Do
Thomas McANNABIE      Do Do Do
Murdock McKINZIE 15 Novr. 1777 Do Discharg’d
John McKINZIE      Do Do Gone to N. York
Alexander KENNEDY 16 Do Do Do
John McCLENNON 17 Do Do Sick
John McKAY 21 Do Capt. McKINNON Gone to N. York
Barnabus McVICAR 20 Do Lt. McVICAR Do
Tarne BURN 28 Do Capt. McKINNON
William BURKET 29 Do Lt. McVICAR
Jeremiah DOUGHERTY   2 Decr. 1777 Do
George TURNER   4 Do Do Deserted
John CLINCH      Do Do Discharged
Lewis SEGOURNEY   5 Do Capt. McKINNON Do
John HARTFORD      Do Do
Daniel DOUGHERTY      Do Lt. McVICAR
Patrick JOY   7 Do Do

National Archives of Canada, Chipman Papers, MG 23, D 1, Series I, Volume 27, pages 281a-282.

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