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King's Royal Regiment of New York
Johnson's Company

His Majesty’s Royal Regiment of New York Commanded by Lieut. Colonel Commandant Sir John JOHNSON Knight & Bart.

Laprairie 21st January 1778

Lt. Col. Sir John JOHNSON 19 June 1776
Capt. Lieut. Joseph ANDERSON       do
Ensign Richard LIPSCOMB   6 May 1777
Adjutant Walter SUTHERLAND 19 June 1776
Qr. Master William MORRISON       do
Surgeon Charles AUSTON       do
Mate James STUART 18 Augt. 1777
Chaplain John DOTY
Sgt John BOYCE 19 June 1776
Sgt Peter COOK       do
Sgt John TIPPLE 18 Augt. 1777
Cpl Peter CROUSE 19 June 1776
Cpl William RUSSELL       do
Cpl Francis JAYCOCKS   6 May 1777
Drummer John FARLINGER 19 June 1776
Drummer Richard DAVIS
Francis ALBRANT 19 June 1776
David JAYCOCKS       do
John COON       do
John SERVICE       do
Jacob COON       do
Conradt COON       do
George SHEAFER       do
Edward FOSTER       do
John FENNILL       do
Martin WALTER       do Sick
Peter DORAN       do on Party
Michael CARMAN       do
John WALTER       do
Hendrick STRADER       do
Thomas ADAMS       do
Philip SHEAVER       do on Party
John ANNABELLA       do
William DAYLY       do
Patrick MURRAY       do
James MASSEY       do
William BAXTER       do
John BERRY 18 Augt. 1777
Adam HILMER       do
Jacob BLACK on Party
Richard THOMAS   9 June 1777
George SMALL 14 Novr. 1777
James WALL 19 June 1777
Frederick NIEL 20 Augt. 1777
Thomas CAVAN       do
John HAWLES 22 June 1777
Catto BLACK   6 May 1777 Sick
Timothy O’BRYAN   1 Novr. 1777 do
John HILMER   6  do
Timothy DUNAVAN 25 Decr. 1777

Great Britain, Public Record Office, War Office, Class 28, Volume 5, folio 211.

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