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British Legion
McDonald's Coy.

Muster Roll of Capt. Charles McDONALD’s Company from 25th October to 24th December 1781

Captain Charles McDONALD
Sgt Peter McDONALD at Charlestown
Sgt William SULLY* do
Cpl Thomas HOLLMAN Taken Prisoner 23 Feby. 1781
Cpl James BARRON do                        do
Cpl Thomas DOYLE do                        do
Francis ARCHER* at Charlestown
Joseph COTTON Escap’d from the Rebels 24 Feby.
to 24 June he was then included in
Capt. SANDFORD’s abstract
at Charlestown
Michael DREWE
Robert MOORE at Charlestown
James LYNCH Rec’d from Capt. STEWART’s Compy.
the 25 Decr. 1780 to 24 June 1781
at Charlestown
John WATTS Rec’d from Capt. STEWART’s Compy.
25 Decr. 1780
Thomas KELLY Transfer’d to Capt. GILDART’s
Troop 25 Decr. 1780
John RYAN Transfer’d to Capt. GILDART’s
Troop 24 Feby. 1781
William SMITHWICK Transfer’d to Col. HAMILTON’s
Corps 24 Feby. 1781
Elisha REYNOLDS Transfer’d to Royal Garrison
Battalion 25 Augt. 1781
James BARRY Taken Prisoner 23 Feby. 1781
Henry BURNS do                        do
William CLARKE do                        do
James HENLEY do                        do
John HUMPHREY do                        do
Thomas HARRENDINE do                        do
Thomas JONES do                        do
Joseph LYON do                        do
Patrick LYNCH do                        do
Stephen MOORE do                        do
Thomas REID do                        do
George WOODHOUSE do                        do
John WELCH do                        do
William WHITE do                        do
John WHITE do                        do
William PINE do                   24 Decr. 1780
Samuel PAINE do                   23 Feby. 1781
James SMITH do                        do
Thomas TYAC do                        do
John ROBERTS do                        do

N.B.- All the men that appear to have drawn pay in Capt. SANDFORD’s Abstract from 25th June 1781 in Charlestown are excluded in the Regimental Abstracts at New York from that period and those marked with an * Asterick are continued in Capt. SANDFORD’s Abstract from 25th October 1781 to 24th April 1782.

National Archives of Canada, RG 8, “C” Series, Volume 1884, page 21.

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