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Butler's Rangers
McDonald's Coy.


We the undermentioned Commissioned & non Commissioned Officers & Privates of Captain John McDONALD’s Company of Rangers do acknowledge to have received from John BUTLER Esqr. Major Commandant of a Corps of Rangers the full amount of our Pay from 24th Day of December 1777 to 24th Day of October 1778 inclusive-

commencing Ending
Captain John McDONALD 25 June 1778 24 October 1778
1st Lieutenant Benjamin PAWLING 25 Decr. 1777      do
2d Lieutenant Andrew BRADT      do      do
Sgt Benjamin FRELICKS   1 May 1778      do
Sgt John REILY 25 Decr. 1777      do
Sgt John CORNWALL   1 May 1778      do
Cpl Thomas WINN 25 June 1778      do
Cpl Christian WARNER   1 May 1778      do
Cpl Abram LARAWAY      do      do
James HESLEY      do      do
Henry BLOSS      do      do
Nicholas WINNER      do      do
John BOICE      do      do
John SHAW      do      do
Frederick BOSSLE      do      do
Jacob MILLER      do      do
George MILLER      do      do
Nicholas MILLER, Junr.      do      do
Nicholas HART      do      do
Lambert ECKER      do      do
John CASTLEMAN      do      do
Michael THOWSAND      do      do
Isaac FALK      do      do
Jacob BOTHARD      do      do
Francis WEAVER      do      do
Peter BARKLEY      do      do
Robert LIVINGSTON      do      do
Barnard KILLAN      do      do
Dirck SLINGERLAND      do      do
Tunis SLINGERLAND      do      do
Jacob QUANT      do      do
Zecharias LOW      do 24 June 1778
John ECKER      do 24 Octr. 1777
Henry BOSSLE      do      do
Mindart VROOMAN      do      do
James HASELIP      do      do
Isaac VOLLECK      do      do
Urbanous HAINS      do      do
Joseph RANSEAR   1 May 1778 24 Octr. 1777
Gasper TOWSICK      do      do
Isaac COON      do      do
Dennis LINGERLAND      do      do
Aaron HOHEDALEN      do      do
Michael O’NEAL      do      do
Simon ANDERSON      do      do
Peter LARAWAY Junr.      do      do
William ROSE      do      do
Job COUNTRYMAN      do      do
John JONES      do      do
Thomas STAATS      do      do
Peter BOWER      do      do
Martin BOGHART      do      do
Peter SMITH   1 June 1778      do
John HOOD      do      do
Daniel McKILLIP      do      do
Elisha WILCOX      do      do
Christian WINTER      do      do
Elijah PHILIPS      do      do

Great Britain, British Library, Additional Manuscripts, No. 21765, folios 50-51.

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